Race To… App
The majority of communication to the holidaymakers of Ideal Bathroom’s annual ‘Race to…’ campaign was achieved through traditional print means, and therefore had to be produced far in advance of the event. This was a costly and time-consuming method, often resulting in wrong or outdated information.
I developed the idea for an app to be used by the campaign winners on their ‘Race to…’ trip, which would provide the user with an instantly accessible hub of up-to-date information on each day’s activities, as well as all the event team’s contact details. The app’s home screen would consist of a scrolling itinerary calendar, providing a brief overview of each day’s upcoming activities. From there, users can click on each activity to find tout more details on the event, which can be updated and maintained, reducing the risk of incorrect information. If users were to download the app before embarking on the trip, the home screen would show a countdown clock, to add a sense of excitement towards the event.